I wanted to share with you an example Stock Trade Alert provided to the Traderfy Premium members during the middle of last week. Some members traded the stock while others leveraged an option play.  In either case, the trade is still working well. Couldn’t be happier to have helped.  Feel free to contact me if you are interested in my work. Looking forward to speaking with you.

Below is the stock trade alerts info:

Stock Trade Alert

Today is the entry day for a potential FCX short trade. Notice in the chart below that this stock, along with many other gold and silver related businesses, have been in a squeeze for the last several weeks. On August 22nd our Traderfy Crossover gave us a short signal. That would make today August 23rd our decision on an entry. Because of the compression in this stock, we would almost require the price come back to the top of the signal bar instead of taking the trade on a gap down.