Welcome to trading in May 2016

Closing out May and starting the June Market Analysis post.

  • ES, NQ and CL are all showing early down trends this pre-market. Example ES shown here:$ES_F pre market down trend
  • Don’t forget today is Crude Inventory day.

May 11, 2016

  • ES, NQ and CL are heading into today’s open in up trends.
  • 5 min CL showed a long signal; will see how far it goes
  • CL long scratched out at evenCL Signal.png
  • First view of Breadth is decidedly down trending
  • Another CL long opportunity coupled with Divergence on 5 min
  • Market rocketing on CL inventory; was positioned well for the lift.
  • ZB gave a short signal, passed as I was focused on CL and ES moves at numbers
  • ES and NQ maintain 30 min uptrend after numbers. Great start to the day!
  • Breadth is still rather flat for such an excited ES NQ up move after numbers; complete fake outBreadth still Flat
  • Major trends have gotten messy into mid-day
  • ES NQ changed trend direction as confirmed 10:30CST bar shown here:$ES_F trend change intraday
  • Hope you all had a great trading day.  If you have a question/comment send me a message on the Contact Form


May 10, 2016

  • One of those trend of Breadth days up

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