Welcome to the Traderfy Trend Aug 12, 2015 where we find the news domination by the Chinese move to devalue the Yuan. We gathered the news on that subject in our post: What you need to know about the China Yuan devalue

This morning we find the $ES_F in a down trend with a note of caution as the Chinese government intervened, via the PBOC, to ease the pain of the Yuan move causing a ten handle bounce. However, the $ES_F is still 20+ handles below the three day rolling VWAP and Pivot.

Traderfy Trend $ES_F Aug 12 2015

Bond futures continue in the up trend that started late on August 10, 2015. Already today, the $ZB_F has touched the 3 day rolling R1. How the market digests the China news could make this more volitile than its normal trending day.

Traderfy Trend $ZB_F Aug 12 2015

Crude oil futures ($CL_F) are technically in a downtrend after an early morning touch of our trend definition line. Prudence would dictate a careful watch to confirm that the downtrend continues and crude has be beaten down for some time; bounce watch.
Traderfy Trend $CL_F Aug 12 2015