Happy Friday trading friends and welcome to the Traderfy Trend Aug 14 2015

The $ES_F has been in an uptrend since just before the close on August 12th, this includes the pull back from yesterday’s open. As of this posting, however, the trend has changed to the downside by only the weakest of measures. It is important to note that 2074 is the three day rolling pivot and that level has held solidly for several hours.

Traderfy Trend $ES_F Aug 14 2015


Bond futures, $ZB_F, continue their downtrend from yesterday having lifted into both the trend indication line and the three day rolling VWAP. This puts us in an unusual position where early indications on both the E-mini S&P and bond futures showing a down auction trend. While infrequent, this can happen.  More likely, the early trend indication on one of these vehicles is wrong. Take caution not to prejudge, let the charts dictate your actions.

Traderfy Trend $ZB_F Aug 14 2015

Crude Oil futures, $CL_F, have been and continue to be in a down trending auction since the early hours of August 11th. Overnight trading shows multiple breaches of the three day rolling lows and currently is trying to fight north. $43.20 jumps out as an important price level.

Be sure to share your insights below and have a great weekend.