Welcome to the Traderfy Trend for Aug 21, 2015.

What a day it was yesterday! Huge down day with an important difference from what we have seen for the last year and a half in that it was a strong “sell the close” day. Undoubtedly there are some newer trading professionals who haven’t seen that before.

Today, we see the $ES_F in a down trending auction, however, we still have to pay attention. While being focused on finding down moves, this market has defied the selling instinct for several years. Just do what the chart tells you. On the bonds front, as expected, we find the $ZB_F in an up trend. Lastly, crude oil futures, $CL_F have been and continue to be in a trend down.

Be focused and make sure to just trade your charts today; trading today may require patients.

The Traderfy Trend video contains a great deal more information so take a look

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