Good day traders and welcome to the Traderfy Trend for August 6, 2015

Today we find the $ES_F continuing the uptrend that began yesterday. notice an overnight test 2091 and an immediate jolt north at 8 AM eastern.
Traderfy Trend $ES_F Aug 6 2015

30 year bond futures $ZB_F are also continuing with their downtrend that began two days ago. An interesting target and support level will be matching the three-day rolling low at 155`08.
Traderfy Trend $ZB_F Aug 6 2015

On Wednesday we saw crude oil futures make an attempt at an uptrend. After the release the crude oil inventory numbers the effort failed. Today we find crude oil futures in a down trend below both yesterday’s close and the rolling three day low. Therefore, we are seeking $C_F trades to the down side.
Traderfy Trend $CL_F Aug 6 2015

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