Traderfy Trend Premarket Overview

The Trans-Pacific trade pact and Europe in the red; all covered in today’s Traderfy Trend Premarket Overview Oct 6, 2015. $ES_F, $ZB_F and $CL_F

E-mini S&P500 – $ES_F  ($SPY)

Impacting the markets this morning are competing indications. Firstly, the Trans-Pacific Partnership has been agreed up impacting tariffs. Secondly, Asian stocks rose to two week highs, however, most of the main indices in Europe are in the red. The conservative trend of $ES_F is showing an up auction coupled with our aggressive trend indicator showing a holding pattern as it navigates through prior price candles. The rolling R1 target is 2010 with a VWAP below at 1925.

Bond Futures – $ZB_F

The 30 year bond futures show a technical down trend this morning, however the $157 price level is building as support. Seeing that resolve should make for a quality trade. Price targets and trends are shown in the video below.

Crude Oil Futures – $CL_F

I’m starting to sound like a broken record as I am still unimpressed with crude in the mid $40’s. Into the open this morning, crude is in an uptrend with a R1 price target at $47.60.

As always, trade well and be well.