Traderfy Trend Premarket Overview Sept 16 2015

Welcome to the Traderfy Trend Premarket Overview fro Sept 16, 2015 where we are finally at the calendar mark that begins the long awaited FOMC meetings and interest rate decision.

E-mini S&P500 Futures – $ES-F

The E-mini S&P 500 futures yesterday made a strong push north and a contrarian action to bond futures. Overnight trading has been narrow in range. We find the $ES_F opening up in a technical uptrend with important time variables coming into play in the next 15 to 30 minutes. By Thursday, we will finally know the FOMC actions to be taken on interest rates, therefore, we continue to be cautious and nimble in our intraday trades.

Bond Futures – $ZB_F

During Tuesday’s trading bond futures took a beating. This morning we find our charts continuing to define bond futures in a downtrend with some focus on a potential double bottom shown in the video below.

Crude Oil Futures – $CL_F

Crude oil futures had a strong overnight session and this morning we find that price is clearly above our 200 simple moving average and that our offset line is about price. Therefore crude is indicating that it is in an up trend this morning. You can find the levels for all of these futures in today’s Traderfy Trend Premarket Overview video below

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