Traderfy Trend Premarket Overview

Good morning traders welcome to today’s Traderfy Trend Premarket Overview for September 23, 2015 where a lively overnight session has been undone putting us right back where we started.

E-mini S&P500 Futures – $ES_F

The E-mini S&P 500 futures took a dive into the 1910 range after yesterday’s close and just before the European open. However, currently, we find ourselves five handles above yesterday’s close.  For those of you defining trend by the slower 200 simple moving average we would put the E-mini  in an up trend.  For others the off-set indicator used to define trend currently is positioned inside of the prior price candles making a trend definition more difficult. Be patient.

Bond Futures – $ZB_F

This morning we find bond futures in an uptrend based on our slower trend indicator, however the offset line is showing us that bond futures  are experiencing a modest pullback.  In our video below we discuss more details about support and resistance levels as well as a couple of important targets to look for.

Crude Oil Futures – $CL_F

Crude oil futures have spent the last two days trying to establish an auction above and below $46.  At the moment we find price from both of our trend indicators showing crude being in an uptrend. However, there has been significant movement from last night’s $45.40 print that some profit taking me be in order. I will put crude in the uptrend camp for this morning and having a sharp eye on the $47.60 rolling resistance one.

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Have a great day and, as always, trade well and be well.