Traderfy Trend Premarket Overview

There are a lot of market moving variables at play concurrently today as we dive into the Traderfy Trend Premarket Overview for Sept 24, 2015.

E-mini S&P500 – $ES_F

There are a lot of factors at play in the movement of this morning’s markets. Unemployment numbers were released early this morning. The Chinese president is here discussing improving investment in China. The market, as of this morning, are down 2.8% since the FOMC determined to leave interest rates unchanged. By both our conservative and more aggressive trend definition the $ES_F is in a downtrend. Because of the wide movements yesterday, we’re provided with wide rolling pivots this morning. One of the key levels I’ll be watching is 1903 which is our three-day rolling support one.

Bond Futures – $ZB_F

As expected, bond futures have roared north. The challenge with the bond futures chart is that we have already printed the rolling R1. While both of our trend indications saying up auction, we will have to be more nimble trading the $ZB_F today. More details about important levels and trend are contained in the video below.

Crude Oil Futures – $CL_F

Lastly, we find crude oil futures down significantly this morning. Both trend definitions tell us we’re in a down auction with a key target of $43.60 per barrel at the rolling S1.

As always, trade well and be well.