Traderfy Trend Premarket Overview

The Janet Yellen effect on markets continues as we open Friday with our Traderfy Trend Premarket Overview for September 25, 2015 looking into $ES_F, $ZB_F and $CL_F

E-mini S&P500 Futures – $ES_F ($SPY)

Janet Yellen’s evening speech was well received by both the $ES_F and the dollar currency overnight, much to the pleasure of European traders who have eaten our market “cheese” for the fourth day in row. The E-mini S&P500 has now bounced 45 handles since yesterday’s 1900 test and meets my criteria for being in an uptrend. Important levels are discussed in the premarket overview video below.

Bond Futures – $ZB_F

Behaving as expected, we find the early trend of bond futures is down. It is interesting to note, however, that is has yet to move as drastically as the $ES_F. As markets and pits open, the will likely remedy itself. The rolling S1 jumps out as a quality target at 154’13 along with upside resistance in a narrow band between the rolling pivot point and the three day VWAP.

Crude Oil Futures – $CL_F

The middle $40’s have been a difficult area for crude oil futures as we continue to linger in the middle of that range today. There is no trend worthy of mentioning, therefore, it must be watched closely prior to entering a trade.

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Have a great weekend and, as always, trade well and be well.