September is now in full trading swing and here is your Traderfy Trend Premarket Overview for September 3, 2015

E-mini S&P $ES_F

The $ES_F transitioned to an up auction trend into the close on Wednesday and has maintained that up trend into this morning’s release of jobless numbers and a presentation by Mario Draghi.

Bond Futures $ZB_F

Currently, Bond Futures are in a down trend even after the spike related to today’s economic numbers.

Crude Oil Futures $CL_F

After being in a down trend for the last several days, $CL_F has transitioned into an up auction by the smallest of measures.

Traderfy Trend Premarket Futures Overview Video

Check out this video for my thoughts on premarket trend directions and some important levels to be watching for.

I hope you have a great trading day!