1. People can’t help but to release the minutes from the FOMC meetings early:

CNBC Halftime Report on Twitter

Markets moving off lows on early release of FOMC minutespic.twitter.com/AcdxUKQGk7

BI Markets on Twitter

In case you missed it, the Fed’s FOMC minutes leakedhttp://read.bi/1fpp6Ug

2. The FOMC will release their notes at the appointed time regardless of leaks:

Federal Reserve on Twitter

We have posted the minutes from the #FOMC meeting held July 28-29, 2015: http://go.usa.gov/36cSz

3. Lastly, the $ES_F will gyrate around to crush as many traders as possible.

Whipsaw Wednesday – Monday Market Gains Gone in a Flash (Crash?)

Unfortunately, the joke is on us as Monday’s silly low-volume rally has already been completely erased in this morning’s Futures, which is fantastic news for people who joined us for yesterday’s FREE Live Trading Webinar, where we shorted the Dow Futures (/YM) at 17,477 and overnight we got a drop back below 17,000 fro a $385 per contract overnight gain.

Additionally, the fine folks at Goldman Sachs don’t seem so convinced that a rate his is coming in September. In fact, they are forecasting that said rate moves won’t happen until the December Federal Open Markets Committee meeting. We shall see.

For all the movement of the day, however, the $ES_F stayed in a downtrend move according to the 15 minute trend chart. And a bonus, a perfect touch of 200SMA. The core question is this: Is the market still bullish?