AAPL is in a new weekly uptrend for the first time since August 2015

Starting on Monday of this week, AAPL has begun a new weekly uptrend. The stock has been stuck in a downtrending move since August of...
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Under Armour UA stock signal by Brian Potts Traderfy

Under Armor Signal Day

Under Armour $UA is showing a signal day today making Monday an Entry Day to the long side. As always some retracement in price would be...
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EXC Exelon on Traderfy with Brian Potts

Daily Signal and Entry Day for EXC Exelon

Thursday showed a Signal Day to the short side, making today, Friday, an Entry Day. Price properly retraced making this an acceptable R/R...
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XOM and CVX both find weekly support

For all the recent headlines about the decline in crude oil, XOM and CVX have hit an interesting level. On both of the weekly charts...
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Could this be the week AAPL Weekly turn bullish

The weekly chart of AAPL has been in a downtrend since last July. This week, we are seeing signs of life to the bullish side. As the AAPL...
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